Vasikin started as a small, fledgling pharmaceutical company in the Hundred Lion's Confederacy, working on both domestic and military contracts. They pioneered the use of a general “drench” for space-travelers, and a sophisticated drug that boosted immune-response while in the sterile environment of a space-ship.

As the company grew to become one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in the Confederacy, their CEO made the purchase of an ailing arms-manufacturer called Armex. Using funds siphoned off from the pharmaceutical arm, Armex was cultivated into a highly specialized R&D company, working on the revolutionary electro-magnetic rail technology supplied by UCON.

Once Armex got the call to supply the entire Confederacy military, Vasikin began to expand, buying out small-holdings in property developments and mining. Through these companies, it became one of the largest companies in the Confederacy.

Then came a series of brutal civil wars, where Vasikin sold weapons to either side, through Armex and the Volesteryte Arms Prefecture. Profiting massively from the civil war, Vasikin was able to bribe several high-ups in the government, and use their influence to disguise the cultivation of a then illegal Private Military Company, using abandoned army bases as training facilities. At the same time, they also acquired several news channels, including the East Galactic News Network and Khan Group International.

When the Vatakuec Oligarchy invaded Confederacy space, Vasikin simply weathered the storm, using its PMC to defend any of its holdings that were attacked, and turning a profit off the sale of Armex weaponry to the Confederacy ground forces. Despite this, as the invasion drew to a close, it was clear that any Confederacy companies would be sold out to Nikeah or Vatakuec coporations. The current CEO, Arkos Tagaryn presented the Vatakuec politicians with a deal.

Arkos offered to become a front company, to support Oligarchy policy abroad, in the local region and beyond. In return for this, he received enough funding to train and equip the PMC to the level of most contemporary military forces, and to buy out a Nikeah Bio-tech firm.

Today, Vasikin Bio-technologies is one of the largest and most prosperous companies in the Oligarchy, and is preparing to move into the local region in a massive way, to prepare for any military operations in the area.

Detailed Statistics

Year of Foundation

2650 Confederacy Calender (1742 AU Oligarchy Calender)

Place of Foundation

Zeran XI, The Hundred Lions Confederacy

Company Headquarters

Haruchi Forge, Nikeah Protectorate


Nero Tantalid


Armex Arms, The Mishkar Weapons Collective, Volesteryte Arms Prefecture, Westerkorp Manufactories, East Galactic News Network, Khan Group International, Horus Development International, Rorken Automotive Production, Mero Bio-Technology, Garland Medical Biopharma


10546.225 billion tongues


4.5 billion~

Number of Locations



Aegis Defense Services (PMC)

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