Background[edit | edit source]

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

Year of Foundation

2690 Confederacy Calender (1784AU Oligarchy Calender)

Place of Foundation

Navarro,The Hundred Lions Confederacy

Company Headquarters

Navarro Orbital Training Platform 118


Jozephe Koni

Parent Company

Vasikin Bio-Technology Incorporated


None. Funded through fronts of Vasikin BTI


1,129,275 combat troops.

Number of Locations



Aegis Marine Corps, Aegis Espionage and Recon

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Small Arms[edit | edit source]

Combat Operations;[edit | edit source]

Type 96 Carbine

Type 26 Special Purpose Rifle

Type 36 Mutli-Role Marksman Rifle

Type 32 Anti-Material Rifle

Type 52 Shotgun

Type 64 Under-barrel Grenade Launcher

Type 63 Grenade Launcher

Type 65 Missile Launcher

Personal Protection Details[edit | edit source]

Type 96 Carbine

Type 21 Ultra-Compact Rifle

Type 11 Combat Pistol

Type 19 Ultra-Compact Pistol

Type 91 Machine Pistol

Uniforms[edit | edit source]

Combat Operations;[edit | edit source]

For Combat Ops, the Aegis PMC utilize a suit of armour, created from plates of layered carbon-nanoweave, and titanium alloy. This is both lightweight and bullet-resistant, giving an Aegis trooper the freedom of movement required for a dynamic combat environment. The suit covered the entire body, from neck to ankles in interlocking plates, attached to a rubberized body-glove. Contained within the suit, is a small micro-processor, that monitors the outside temperature, and adjusts the temperature of the inner-layer to keep the wearer comfortable. This also controls any additions made to the suit.

The default paint-job for the armour is a grey and white digital camoflage scheme, with the Aegis logo stamped over the heart.

Personal Protection;[edit | edit source]

Depending on the environment, Aegis Personell on Bodyguard duty will wear either loose-fitting suits, or combat-pants and an armoured vest.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

T74 Armoured Personel Carrier

T28 Armoured Fighting Vehicle

T13 Jetbike

T72 Light Transport

T79 Multi-Role All-Terrain Vehicle

T82 Gunship

T89/C VTOL Transport

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